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So if we bust out the handy-dandy calculator and type in 486000 impressions  and let’s say that we get one percent

of one percent right so point zero one percent of people actually convert will go to point zero zero

one that would be 486 people right and then if we multiply that by 2.40 per conversion right that’s

possible that we could earn what is up guys and welcome back to a brand new article oh your boy

welcome if you are new here welcome to the blog where we actually go over the best ways to make money on the

internet and in today’s article we’re gonna be talking about how you can get

Earn $2 per click ( Work From Home)

two-dollar payments  actually in seconds using this strategy that I promise you 

have definitely never seen before in today’s strategy we’re

actually going to talk about something that we’ve never talked about

but it is a little bit complicated so make sure you do hang out with this article

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and without further ado guys let’s jump into my article  and I’m actually going to show you step by step how you

can start earning two-dollar payments every few seconds

completely with zero work on your part 100 passive income actually by connecting the dots so

let’s get attention  into my article  and get started  so as you can see right here

so as you can see right here  you can actually make two dollars and 48 cents every single time

Somebody clicks and I’m gonna be talking about exactly how this works  but the cool thing is you don’t have to

go out and do a bunch of work or do anything like that

what you’re going to do is connect the dots show a ton of impressions of this actual offer that’s very 

low friction what do I mean by low friction I mean something that people actually

want right because what we’re talking about today is actually one of the easiest and best ways

to make money as a beginner because you don’t have a bunch of friction involved in the actual process.

what we’re going to be talking about today is actually called CPA marketing 

but actually what CPA marketing is are you actually get somebody to give

their information in the form of their name their email and things like that

to some other provider that knows their numbers and metrics so well

They’re willing to pay now for an email address right so all you do is connect a free offer like a free 

Thousand dollars Paypal gift card or a free 100 to the google play store and to grow our on digital Platform

Somebody signs up by giving their email to that actual website and you get paid right so you connect

Somebody who wants a free gift card they give that gift card provider their email

and you get paid every time you refer a lead to that actual offer right so what we’re gonna be doing

is connecting the dots between a free offer like a thousand dollar free Paypal gift card

and people who want that and are willing to give their email for it and every time a person and a new person gives

their email to try to win that free thousand dollars PayPal gift card

you get paid right and so how are we gonna do this well there are two different sides involved right

there’s the side where you’re actually

going to advertise and then there’s the side where you’re actually going to pick an offer that you think converts right

So the first site that we’re actually going to be talking about is the CPA network now

What  exactly does this mean well a CPA network has thousands of different offers that are

willing to pay every time someone signs up now why is this

different from affiliate marketing well generally affiliate marketing you only

get paid if somebody actually pays for another product and actually

signs up give their credit card which is a lot of friction

Easily to Know What is CPA Marketing?

Right the cool thing about CPA marketing are you get paid only when somebody gives their email for

free which is so much less friction which means so many more people are actually going to sign up

which means you’re going to get a lot more actual uh referral commissions

in CPA marketing versus affiliate marketing where somebody actually has to buy something

which is a lot harder so this is actually, a website called app plus right there’s a lot of

different CPA networks out there like max bounty app plus there’s so many

different ones that you know I’m not going to name them all but the cool thing is oh and there’s actually an ad

for max bunny right here it’s kind of funny another one right here

so you guys can see right here that they have the latest offers they also have hot  verticals dating health cpi 

crypto right what we’re going to be

talking about is making money right and so what I like to do is actually search for the word

PayPal because it’s very very easy to get somebody to give their email address

and information for the chance of winning a free Paypal gift card um so you guys can see

right here that they have some sponsored listings generally what I like to do is actually kind

of taking a look at some of these you can see right here that you know it’s updated four hours ago you can see the

actual network creative clicks right here they have

2000 offers they meant designed in 2009 right you can see CPA build right here

they have eleven hundred offers founded in two 2017. um so let’s take a look at one of these you guys can see right here PayPal a thousand um so what we can

do is we can join the network we can Share it we can see the payout right this particular one every time

somebody actually signs up and gives their free email address name and information

you get two dollars and forty cents and you might be saying yourself but  how am I gonna get people to sign up for this well

we’re gonna talk about that in a second, so don’t go anywhere and if you guys are liking this article  so far

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if we actually click preview here what we can see is  you can see complete four deals and get a hundred dollar

google play gift card right status available and so what you can see is you know people can click yes here

They can see information about their gift card and things like that and so

every time somebody actually fills out this information they are going to have the

opportunity um to get paid right so all they have to do is give their email address

a very easy very frictionless completely free for people to fill out

If you earn more money visit here

and every time somebody enters their email here right you get paid two dollars and 40 cents right and that

might not seem like a lot but if you get a hundred people to do that right that’s 240 dollars for

zero work and I’m going to break down the math here in a second so how do we actually, get people to click on this

offer right because I mean it’s possible that you would go around tell your friends to tell your family post

about it on social media but you’re

usually only going to get a few clicks the way that you actually scale this is

by using digital marketing right and so if we actually go to another site right here it’s called

ad clerks and you can see right here and you can see on this website there are two different sections you can buy ads online

and you can sell ad space so you can see right here there’s a bunch of different websites out there that list the number

of impressions that they actually get and how much it costs to advertise on that

actual  website for a month right so 486 000 people  you know visit this site a month

you can see that it costs 40 to actually advertise on that site so if we bust out the

handy-dandy calculator and type in 486000  and let’s say that we get one percent

of one percent right so point zero one percent of people actually convert will go to point zero zero

one  that would be 486 people right and then if we multiply that by two dollars and forty cents

per conversion right that’s possible that we could earn eleven hundred and

sixty-six dollars in a month minus the forty dollars that it actually cost to

advertise it which means that we would net you know yes eleven hundred and twenty-six dollars now

is it going to work every time not indeed, some of them are definitely gonna be better than others right.

You know this one is nutritional dieting so if you want you to know you can take this to the next level and go after  websites that are about nutrition and then you can come into uh you know the af plus

The marketplace here and you can actually type in nutrition and now you can see that there’s a bunch

of different offers for actual nutrition here where there are nutrition plans

You know the CPA is actually much higher for some of these and so what I would recommend you do is try to make it as

relevant as possible for your target market right you can go find a dating site on ad clerks you can choose a

dating offers on the CPA right so we come in here and click dating we can sort this by relevance and we can see right here

Daniella dating chat some of these are kind of goofy but two dollars and fifty cents here’s

another one right here six dollars and sixty cents per referral right and then

we can come back over to ad clerks here we can actually type in something about

dating and see if they have any websites related to dating here you know some of these are a little bit low

but you guys kind of get the idea right you can look for things that mean linked where you’re actually going to buy

impressions and ad space on these websites and then what you’re

going to do is find a close match on the app plus actual website and

then all you have to do is only come in here and you can you know actually pick up. This landing page right here and you can add it to cart right you can get estimated impressions of a thousand

118 000 right you can see right here for 30 days you can see the target market and you can see that it actually

breaks down into Indonesia, the United States, India

now usually with affiliate marketing, it’s better to have a higher percentage

of places like the USA, Australia, Canada, UK things like that but with CPA marketing right it actually

doesn’t matter because they’re not

Actually buying anything and you can still get paid right so sometimes

people from other countries are actually more willing and more likely to sign up

for these things which means that you have a higher likelihood of actually getting paid 

so all you have to do is add to the cart  and pick this up um and then definitely what you do is 

inside of your CPA network here so let’s go back to the one that we were talking about before

If you earn money just copying and paste( work from home)

Click Paypal here um and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to sort by relevance and let’s actually pick one up.

let’s do this one right here and then all we would do is actually

You know you can find more details and reviews if you want or you can actually join the network and grab your unique

link right and then all you do is you

Put your unique link inside of the advertisement once you add it to the cart for the one that you pick 

and then what’s gonna happen is um that website right this website right here

that gets 486 000 impressions is going to place an ad on their website  you know that you create

and then whenever somebody clicks that it’s going to be your unique CPA link for this offer for somebody to

get a free gift card and then every time somebody

Actually gives their email on this landing page you get paid two dollars and 40 cents every single time

right so even if now one percent of those people actually, convert  

right you could still make  you know over a thousand bucks

over a 30-day period and the cool thing is once you get better and you

find websites you know that actually have high-quality traffic  you can find

things that are super related like nutrition with nutrition, CPA offers um you know

with nutrition websites or dating offers with dating websites  or

make money online offers with make money online websites and the better that you get at this

You know definitely the better conversions it’s going to be um and the cool thing is this is completely

passive so likely a lot of you


This website definitely gives you an awesome make money article in the future.


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