10 Reasons Owning Bluehost Review Will Change Your Life in 2021

Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost Review

Bluehost reviews the pros the cons of my personal experience with this web host

and everything else that you need to know it’s all gonna be in this Article  guys alright so stays tuned

for that, I’m guessing if you’re reading  this article you are trying to start your first

website possible  or conceivable  you’re especially looking for an alternative web post

possible you’re not happy with your current one but guys are going to help you make an

an informed decision on whether you should make the switch

or startup with Bluehost in this Article so don’t mess around let’s now jump

straight into it alright guys so here we are on the Bluehost website

Bluehost Hosting

notice right here is that actually says you get free domain name registration

free SSL certificate included a one-click WordPress install

and 24*7 support so guys my personal experience with any of this. It is completely true alright the 24*7 support is

insane okay it’s actually very good no matter what problems. I’ve had of whatever time it has been okay I’m in

Thailand so I’m in very very different time zones to where Bluehost is right so but I’ve had no problems. Whatsoever in contacting whenever I need help okay they get back to me very very fast

and they’re always very very helpful and the free domain.

Yes they do actually give you a free domain you’ll see that later on in this article.

okay so if you want to follow along with me guys like I said click this link in the article gets taken to this website and you can see this price. You can follow along with me and

have a look at the website. Yourself if you want so let’s click get started I’ll show you the different plans that they

have with Bluehost one thing that I forgot to mention as well guys is they do have a

30-day money-back guarantee okay you can read more about that right here okay so it

says if you cancel within 30 days

Bluehost Review

You receive a full refund on your hosting service only the money back

The guarantee does not apply to most add-on products and domains

given the unique nature of their costs. Okay so if you do sign up for Bluehost and you decide you don’t like it.

They can give you the money back on the actual hosting service itself.So if you are not happy with it if you decide.

Bluehost isn’t for you you will have 30 days to cancel but I’m sure you will be happy with these guys. if you sign up for this I’ve never had any problems with Bluehost, to be honest. I’m sure you won’t even need that but it’s available to you.

if you feel so so let’s now take a look at the plans immediately that they offer so now click this button right here get started.

we will see all the different plans that Bluehost can offer us so they’ve got the basic plan

plus choice plus plan and if you scroll down here they’ve got a pro plan as well okay so the prices as you

can see they are very competitive with every single other web hosting platform out there.So

So the basic package starts at 3.95 per month and it goes all the way up to 13.95 per month. so don’t forget guys click this  link  if

you want to get these discounted prices.Okay you can see the normal prices is 7.99 per month for this one and 23.99

per month. so if you click the link in you can get the best current discount available so I’m not going to go over too much

Bluehost Hostinng

detail about these guys but you actually need to know that yes the basic plan is for newbies who are

now starting out creating a website. so if you are only trying this out okay actually want to see if the website

A website is for you then likely you can go with this one. okay you’ll only get one website with this but if you think

you’re gonna stick with this and you’re gonna build more than one website then I

would wholly recommend going with one of the other options

because you will get unlimited with these so you can come to the website guys check out which one was

gonna suit your needs okay you can read through each of these if you don’t understand what anything is

now have little google guys search up what it is if you don’t understand  anything at each of these different

terms right. Here now have a google or you can leave a comment in the and I will get back to you as soon as I can to give you some help okay but yeah choose whatever package you

think was gonna suit you best so once you’ve decided on your plan guys okay whichever one you choose quite click on it.

Click select and this is where you’re gonna be able to choose your domain.Okay this is very

easy to do it takes no time at all so for this example I’m only going to put chooseyourdomainhere.com.So you can put

Bluehost Hosting

any domain that you want if it’ is available of course and then you can choose if you

want.com.blog.net.org whatever you want quite choose it there I would always recommend dot com that’s

the most popular one. So quite click next if you already have a domain you can put it in here as well if you bought a domain

somewhere else you know so this is where you’re going to be doing going to your checkout

I actually want to show you soon each of the extras that they have down here as well okay so

down here look at domain privacy protection that is free with this plan you get that for free

site block security that is going to be an extra 1.99 per month okay

you can choose. if you want this or not? Now take it on or off. If you want that code guard basic that is free with this plan

Bluehost SEO tool start.if you want that again you’re gonna have to tick. This it’s gonna be an extra 1.99 per month so

Cons Of Blue Host 

the only one gripe this is definitely the only thing that I don’t like about Bluehost.It’s the one thing that

turns a lot of people off that is you can’t pay every single month. Okay you have to pay a year in advance all right so like

I said, guys if you want to pay for 12 months at the time. It’s gonna be 7.95$ 24 months is 7.45$ it gets cheaper the more you pay okay

but I would always recommend going with this one like the 36-month plan, okay but only because

you get that cheaper price it’s gonna be the cheapest price available to you

and usually guys it keeps you motivated okay if you’ve got this domain if you’ve got this web hosting

for three years that’s gonna keep you motivated to keep using it and not waste your money that

was how I suppose about it anyway guys. So it’s completely up to you but yeah I like it I go with the 36-month plan


like I said only gets to give you that cheapest price possible plus it keeps you motivated to stick

with your website and keep building it, okay so there we go guys that is how you choose your plan

and all the added extras as well let’s immediately go over the speeds because that

is one of the most important things. When it comes to web hosting is the speed of how fast will it make your website well. Bluehost has no problems with this whatsoever okay I’ve only used a website.

One of the websites that I made for a

tutorial a while back okay so I’ve only used this one for this example and look at the speeds guys.

bluehost login

This website checks the speeds of your website.It gives us a 94 rating for our speed and if you hover

over this arrow right here the average sp page speed score is 72

percent so as you can see guys this is 22 percent faster than the average web host okay so Bluehost

very  fast speeds again this is 95 and compared to the average of 70 it’s 25% faster.The completely loaded time was

seconds okay it took only 1.9 seconds to load the website only compared to the average of 6.9

seconds that’s a huge difference waiting for extra seconds

bluehost customer service


five extra seconds sorry for your website to load.it does feel like quite long okay it’s noticeable

the difference right there so as you can see Bluehost has no speeds

whatsoever and this the server is in Vancouver as well and I’m in Thailand. So it’s very very far away so as you can

see there are no problems with speeds wherever you are one major advantage that  you

need to know guys is that it is actually the number one recommendation for WordPress as well

that you use Bluehost okay you can come

Here this is on the actual WordPress.org website and as you can see their first

the recommendation is Bluehost it is a one-click install once you go through okay once you go on to Bluehost

Choose your domain to create your account and everything like that it is much 

one click and your WordPress website will be checking  okay WordPress  will be install

that easy. it is super simple to do it is so quick you get the free domain with it as well

and if you know anything about WordPress

Guys it is one of the best website building platforms available today I’ve actually

got an article on my website. Showing you how to create a website through WordPress in under 10 minutes. okay that is using Bluehost it can all be ready  your website

using Bluehost is that it works completely and is completely  compatible with

WordPress which is yeah one of what I recommend you build your websites on

anyway all right so guys with Bluehost I have had no problems with them whatsoever okay

their uptime has been insane. okay I’ve never had a problem with ups uptime at all okay I guess they guarantee like 99%

uptime but for me myself I’ve never had a problem it’s been 100

since I’ve been with him and that has been a long time. and I’ve got a lot of websites built through Bluehost as well. okay and as I said at the start of this article  the 24* 7 support is actually good as well they get back to you as fast as

they likely can and that is fast guys. okay they do not mess around they get back to you very  soon like I said I’m in

Thailand okay which is you know out of their time zone

but they still get back to me very fast because it is 24* 7.They won press word one-click WordPress install

is super simple. it’s easy to use okay it’s actually one click and WordPress will be set and you can have your website

up and running in less than 10 minutes

It is that easy guys so that is my Bluehost review. I would much  recommend it to anyone looking to start a website  to

create their first website or even to switch over from another web host that you’re not happy

with Bluehost is very recommended from me. so if you’re interested guys Like I said link will be in the Article 

That is my Bluehost review I am very happy with this web hosting I’ve had no problems whatsoever with them

They are very fast. it’s very easy to use with a one-click WordPress install the free domain that you give you. I can’t see much wrong with Bluehost or whatsoever okay so if you are connecting

bluehost cpanel

in signing up guys don’t forget to CHECKOUT THIS LINK

Okay that’s gonna get you the best deal that’s available right now okay the best discount

will be available by using that link in the down below. so click that if you want to sign up

so thanks for reading  this review article  guys I hope you found it informative I hope it helped you

if it did please give it a thumbs up  don’t forget


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